How a Tooth Replacement Can Transform Your Smile

Tooth Replacement Norwalk, CT

A missing tooth must get a tooth replacement as soon as possible. An untreated dental gap can contribute to many dental issues. That is why a dental replacement is important. Here are the details on how a tooth replacement can improve your smile.

It improves self-esteem

An oral surgeon understands how tooth loss can affect a patient. A tooth replacement can improve a person’s smile. It can make the dental arch whole again. Placing a stable and permanent dental replacement can bring back the patient’s smile.

Titanium rods will take the place of the dental roots. These structures can stimulate the jawbone and signal the body to send nutrients for tissue repair. The rods merge with the jawbone and stabilize the artificial crowns. This type of tooth replacement allows the patient to smile, speak, and eat better. This increases the patient’s self-esteem.

It enhances one’s appearance

A permanent tooth replacement looks, functions, and feels like natural teeth. The oral surgeon will cement the artificial crown to the titanium rod. Most people prefer cemented dental crowns to those that are screwed on when it comes to replacing teeth in or near the front. If the implant has a screw-on feature, the dentist may hide the access holes with a tooth-colored filling. This will allow the crown to blend with the patient’s natural teeth.

It improves jawbone strength and facial structures

Jawbone loss is a huge problem that develops if a tooth replacement does not come soon. A missing tooth means that there are no dental roots that stimulate the jawbone. There is nothing that signals the body to send nutrients to the jawbone for tissue repair. That is why the jawbone shrinks or thins out. A permanent tooth replacement takes the place of a natural tooth and stimulates the jawbone. This allows the jawbone to thicken and strengthen.

A thinning jawbone deprives facial structures of proper support. This results in a sunken appearance. The individual looks older because of the sagging facial muscles. A tooth replacement from an oral surgeon can bring back the support that facial structures need. Wrinkles smoothen out, making the individual look younger.

It stabilizes the neighboring teeth

A dental gap triggers dental shifting. The neighboring teeth start to move into the available space. This leads to more dental issues, such as misalignment and bite problems. The shifting loosens the teeth, which can then result in more tooth loss. A proper tooth replacement can prevent dental shifting. The artificial crown will take the missing tooth’s place and stabilize the neighboring teeth.

It helps motivate the individual to perform better dental care

Getting a tooth replacement means that the new tooth will be an artificial one. Maintaining this component in an individual’s mouth will need more diligent dental care. Dedication to good dental hygiene is important. Flossing and brushing every day is ideal. Using fluoride mouthwash can help strengthen the teeth. Seeing the dentist can help keep the site clear of infection.

A tooth replacement can enhance your smile, dental health, and general well-being

Losing a tooth can be devastating to your dental health and self-esteem. That is why getting a tooth replacement is important. Living with a dental gap can trigger a series of dental issues. Seeing an oral surgeon for this problem can help improve your quality of life.

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