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Debunking Myths About Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are known as the final molars to emerge in the jawline. These are named as such because they typically grow later in life, during early adulthood. While several people opt for wisdom teeth removal at some point in their life, no other molars are subject to being entitled to any such confusion. 

Here we are debunking some top myths about wisdom teeth and their removal process that you should know:

Myth 1: Everyone Should Opt for Wisdom Teeth Removal

No rule of thumb is that everyone should opt for wisdom teeth removal. There are some people who don’t get their third set of molars grown at all. On the contrary, others have adequate space in their mouth to support the growth of wisdom teeth without disrupting the surrounding teeth. 

Thus, it is recommended to opt for wisdom tooth removal only if your dentist advises you due to an existing dental problem like tooth decay, damage, or misalignment issues or if it bothers you in your daily life. 

Myth 2: You Should Not Opt for Teeth Removal (Natural or Wisdom)

There is always a debate going on about whether these molars should emerge early in life to prevent issues. However, you should only consider removing your wisdom teeth if they start posing pain, discomfort, or misalignment issues. 

In case of doubts, you should consult with a well-experienced dentist in town, as they will be able to see your molars even before they come out and determine if their growth will impact your existing teeth. 

Myth 3: Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery Requires Weeks of Recovery

Most people are known to recover from wisdom tooth removal surgery in about a week. Your wisdom teeth surgeon may ask you to take it easy for the first few days to ensure effective recovery. 

This includes consuming softer foods, being careful while chewing, practicing good oral hygiene, and avoiding cigarettes. 

Keep in mind that the mouth recovers faster. So, while you may experience a little tenderness and visit your dentist often for regular checkups, you will still be able to resume your normal living soon after your wisdom tooth removal surgery.

Myth 4: You Will Experience Ongoing Pain After Wisdom Teeth Removal

It is normal to experience pain and discomfort at the extraction site for a few days after surgery. But, to ensure a better and faster recovery, your dental surgeon will prescribe you over-the-counter pain medications for a week post-surgery. 

However, if the pain or discomfort persists long after the surgery, it is recommended to consult with your dentist.

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