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6 Things You Must Know About Dental Implants

A dental implant is a surgical procedure that involves significant knowledge, skill, and expertise. Typically known as the “gold standard” for tooth replacement, it is a metal post that replaces the root portion of the missing tooth. Here, a crown (known as an artificial tooth) is placed on an extension of the abutment on a dental implant, giving you the look of a natural tooth. Besides offering conventional storage treatments, it provides notable and reliable benefits to patients suffering from stressful oral problems.

Listed below are the top factors you should know about dental implants:

They are more robust than the teeth

Tooth enamel is substantially the most potent substance in the entire human body. Similarly, dental implants are even sturdier posts made from titanium bodies capable of resisting a significant amount of biting pressure and weight, unlike a healthy anatomical tooth. Furthermore, you don’t need a one-to-one ratio of dental implants to missing teeth since your dental implant surgeon can strategically place implants to support a multi-tooth bridge on top of them.

They can last for your entire life

Unlike most tooth replacement procedures, dental implants don’t need a constant update or replacement after a period of time. On the contrary, they have a high success rate and integration with your body’s anatomy that supports modern implant designs to become an everlasting element of your facial structure. Proper cleanliness and maintenance can make the implants last for several decades. 

They are non-invasive to other teeth

Dental implants can stand independent of other teeth in the mouth. Therefore, your wisdom teeth surgeon can easily place them next to a healthy tooth without the need for any invasive procedures or reshaping of natural tooth structure. Hence, the whole teeth structure, including dental implants and other teeth, can easily co-exist without disturbing the biological structure. 

Evidently, they are the least-invasive alternatives for tooth replacement. 

They help preserve the natural biting patterns

A missing tooth can cause permanent alignment issues as an excessive space between teeth can cause the one on either side to drift out of alignment. However, early dental implant placement can help you preserve the natural biting pattern and tooth alignment for a lifetime. 

They are biocompatible 

Any foreign material being placed in your body is essentially required to be accepted by and stand compatible with your natural tissues. Luckily, dental implants are extremely biocompatible and hypoallergenic for everyone, including those who experience metal allergies or skin sensitivities. Furthermore, the titanium element of the dental implants strengthens the bone in the specific area. 

They are easy to maintain

Effortless maintenance is another vital perk of investing in dental implants. Dental implants call for regular brushing and flossing to eliminate the risk of soft plaque turning into tartar. Therefore, you should consider brushing your teeth for at least two minutes (twice a day) while being attentive to the gumlines around each implant restoration. 

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