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How Can Impacted Teeth Harm Your Overall Health?

An impacted tooth is one that does not emerge properly from the gums. This condition is typically observed with wisdom teeth (the third molars that are the last to grow in your mouth). However, an impacted tooth can be any tooth in your mouth. Children can also develop impacted teeth when they lose their temporary teeth and are waiting for the permanent ones to emerge. While the experts are still unsure why it happens, they want you to be aware of certain health risks associated with impacted teeth (if left unaddressed) that you should consider. 

Listed below are some of the typical problems your mouth is prone to develop if you have impacted tooth:


Since impacted teeth may develop only partially from the gum tissue, this can significantly result in tooth infection. The space left behind by the temporary tooth, if not cleaned properly, is prone to infections and other gum decays as it can trap food particles and bacteria. Additionally, an impacted wisdom tooth stuck in the gum tissue is also prone to infections in the absence or lack of oral hygiene. Thus, if you notice any pain or discomfort in your gum, consult with your dentist to get professional treatment at the earliest. 

Crooked teeth

An impacted wisdom tooth can also become a crooked or crowded tooth in the oral cavity. This is because when a tooth does not have adequate room to develop via gum tissue or if it is being pushed sideways by other teeth, it can lead to tooth problems associated with misalignment. Compared to straight teeth, crooked and crowded teeth are difficult to floss and brush, thus, highly susceptible to tooth decay and gum diseases. However, taking the assistance of a reputed dental surgeon near you can help you fix the complications related to the impacted tooth.

Tooth root or bone damage

The formation of cysts near a tooth is another typical condition led by impacted teeth. Such cysts can cause significant harm to your tooth roots of both impacted or nearby teeth. Moreover, it can also harm the tooth bone that anchors your teeth placement, also known as the alveolar bone. This generally happens in cases where your impacted tooth is not in its proper position and is in touch with other teeth, affecting their tooth roots and surrounding bones. Thus, these cysts can lead to infections or need jaw surgery if left unaddressed. 

How to know if your wisdom tooth is impacted?

Getting X-rays of your teeth is one of the practical ways that most dentists use to determine if you have an impacted tooth or a wisdom tooth that is partially grown from the gum tissue. This also helps them analyze the best method of treatment to prevent health risks and other associated damage with the impacted teeth. Therefore, if you are suffering from any symptoms of impacted teeth, such as swollen gum tissue, swelling in the jaw, or any discomfort in your teeth, it is recommended to follow up with a reputed dentist in town to see if an impacted tooth is the culprit. 

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