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How To Prevent Infection At The Site Of Your Missing Tooth?

A missing tooth can have a huge impact on your facial aesthetics and severely affect your confidence. It uncorks your mouth to become a host of potential health issues in the mouth and body. So, if you notice a missing tooth in your mouth and are wondering if it should be a matter of concern for you, then YES, it should be! 

Fortunately, you can always prevent any unwanted oral problems by following the proper care and taking the treatment from a well-experienced dentist in town. 

Read on to find out how missing teeth can disrupt your oral health and what you can do to prevent it. 

What are your options to fix the missing teeth?

Listed below are a few typical options that you can consider to address the problem and stave off future oral health issues:


Dentures are removable prosthetic device that is precisely engineered to replace your missing teeth. It serves as a great help in protecting your gums and the other adjacent teeth from further damage. These are typically made of acrylic or metal, and depending on your dental situation, your dentist may recommend any of the two types of dentures — partial or complete. As the name suggests, full dentures are used in cases where all teeth are missing, and partial dentures for patients who have some natural teeth left. 

While dentures can be a good solution, always consult a well-experienced dentist before opting for any treatment for your missing teeth.


Dental bridges can help you fill the gap with artificial teeth if you have one or more missing teeth. A bridge is a filler tooth mounted on either side of the area of your missing tooth or that supports the artificial tooth and bonds to your mouth. Thus, they serve as a great help in filling the gap and protecting your exposed gum line from chewing and other unwanted damages. 

However, once your dental bridges are in place, be diligent while cleaning under the bridge to ensure that no food particle or bacteria is trapped underneath. 


A dental implant is one of the reliable and permanent solutions to missing teeth. It makes your teeth appear natural and works like real teeth. During a dental implant, your dentist will fuse titanium support to the jaw and fix an artificial tooth to the support. One of the significant advantages of getting dental implants is that it helps you restore your full chewing power and can last for a lifetime. Hence, it is the most-recommended form of tooth replacement treatment. 

What to do if you have a missing tooth?

Whether due to an accident, tooth decay, or any other reason, if you notice a missing tooth in your mouth, it is recommended to consult a dentist immediately! If your tooth has been knocked out, chances are that your dentist will be able to fix it without an implant or bridge. 

Remember that addressing your dental problems at the earliest is one of the effective ways to prevent severe oral health issues. Moreover, having dental insurance can serve great assistance in helping you pay for and avail yourself the preventive treatment and care for your teeth. 

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