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Missing tooth: What are your options?

A missing tooth can disintegrate the appearance of your alluring smile. Regardless of the reason for tooth loss, it gradually lays a negative impact on the alignment of your teeth. It also leads to several problems down the road if not addressed with proper care. Loss of tooth or teeth often affects an individual’s oral health and confidence, causing disintegration of your jawbone, slow shifting of teeth into empty places, and affecting your ability to speak or chew. 

Fortunately, there are various excellent alternatives to replace your missing tooth or teeth to help you restore your beautiful smile, including:

Dental implants

Dental implants are one the best-chosen and most reliable alternatives for tooth replacement. It is a long-lasting, permanent solution to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth in different locations, offering a similar feeling and appearance to a natural tooth. However, the process of dental implant placement is lengthy as it begins with replacing your tooth’s root with a metal screw used as an anchor for the attached false tooth. Hence, once the screw is placed, your dentist will advise you to let your implant heal for a few months so that it becomes securely fused to your jawbones. Thus, a dental crown is placed on the top and correctly secured once the implant is completely healed.

Implant-supported bridge

If you have consecutive missing teeth in a row, an implant-supported bridge will serve as an ideal solution. This is because replacing each tooth with dental implants can be an arduous and unnecessary task. However, your dental surgeon secures only the teeth at both ends with implants with an implant-supported bridge. At the same time, all the other teeth in between are attached without screws.

Tooth-supported bridge

Instead of placing two implants on both ends, a tooth-supported bridge requires the existing teeth to support the placement of the bridge. Hence, during this technique, your dentist places a crown on your teeth next to the missing ones. The overall procedure is concluded in a few visits, offering you the same realistic appearance and feel as dental implants. 

Removable partial dentures

Like dental implants, cone beam CT scan removable partial dentures are a relatively similar alternative to replace missing teeth. However, your dental surgeon may recommend this type of technique if you have a few missing teeth. The removable partial dentures are secured at the appropriate place during the process, enabling them to offer optimum support to false teeth.


A flipper is a provisional partial denture that holds the ability to flip in and out of its position. It is neither dependent on any surrounding teeth nor involves any metal clasps. Hence, it is a comparatively economical and pain-free, temporary alternative to replace your missing tooth until you find a permanent solution.

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