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5 Things to Understand About IV Sedation Dentistry

Intravenous sedation is a conscious sedation technique, used to perform dental and surgical procedures to ensure hassle-free and timely oral treatment. When dealing with anxious patients, dentists prefer using sedatives to allow their patients to feel relaxed and comfortable during the treatment. It is used for many procedures, from simple cleaning to surgical treatments. Therefore, if considering a dental appointment makes you feel uncomfortable and stressed, you should ask your dentist about sedation dentistry. Dental anxiety is a serious issue that leads people to cancel appointments with their dentists and neglect their oral care. 

Continue reading to understand the five essential things you should consider when considering sedation dentistry.

Sedatives are different from anesthetics

One of the typical misconceptions that most people have is that sedatives are similar to anesthetics. However, this is far from reality as sedatives and anesthetics are very different from each other. Sedatives are used to relax patients with anxiety about the treatment. On the contrary, anesthetics are used to numb the senses so that you don’t feel any pain or discomfort during specific procedures. 

Therefore, if your dentist chooses to go with anesthetics during your treatment, you will remain unconscious during the entire procedure. However, you will remain awake if sedatives are used during your treatment.

Sedation dentistry is safe when done correctly

Generally, there are no significant risks linked with sedation dentistry. Most of the sedatives typically used during the treatment have been around for a long time, so these have undergone several types of research to verify their effectiveness and safety. Therefore, the kind of sedative your dentist decides to go with depends on the severity of your anxiety. Additionally, your dentist may prescribe you some medications to take before the appointment or decide to go with IV dental sedation based on the requirement. 

Sedative doses are precise

Do Not self-medicate because you are dealing with dental anxiety. It is recommended to follow your doctor’s prescribed instructions and consult them in case of emergencies. 

Dentists prefer sedation dentistry

Patients under sedation make it easier for dentists to complete the treatment without hassle. Dentists are known to perform better and quicker when their patients are relaxed and comfortable, as they do not need to worry about stressing out their patients with pain and discomfort. This is particularly important in cases where people suffering from dental anxiety are more likely to neglect their oral health for an extended period. With sedation dentistry, your dentist can carry out your oral treatment quickly and efficiently. 

Sedation dentistry can benefit anyone

While sedation dentistry works wonders for people suffering from dental anxiety, it also benefits those who are not stressed about dental procedures. Hence, you can consider sedation dentistry, if:

  • Your oral condition demands several different or elongated dental treatments.
  • You have difficulty staying still.
  • You have sensitivity with gums and teeth.
  • You have experienced dental trauma in the past.
  • You are dealing with neck, jaw, or back pain.
  • You cannot control your gag reflex.
  • You have a busy schedule.

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