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Facial Trauma

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While not all facial injuries are extensive, they are all complex since they affect an area of the body that is critical to breathing, eating, speaking and seeing.

Dr. Simon Y. Bangiyev is uniquely qualified to manage, treat and repair facial injury and trauma. The most common causes of facial trauma include: motor vehicle accidents, accidental falls, sports injuries, interpersonal violence and work related injuries. The degree of facial trauma can range from small lacerations and isolated injuries of teeth to massive injuries of the skin and bones of the face and supporting structure of the teeth. Facial injuries are classified as soft tissue injuries (skin and gums), bone injuries (fractures) and injuries to special regions (such as the eyes, facial nerves or the salivary glands). There is a science and an art to treating these injuries and our oral surgeon has the knowledge and experience you’re looking for. Dr. Simon Y Bangiyev is also part of the faculty at Yale New Haven Hospital where he provides treatment to his patients that need inpatient care.

How is Facial Trauma Treated?

One of the most common types of serious injury to the face occurs when bones are broken. Fractures can involve the lower jaw, upper jaw, palate, cheekbones, eye sockets and combinations of these bones. These injuries can affect sight and the ability to breathe, speak and swallow. Treatment often requires hospitalization.

The principles for treating facial fractures are the same as for a broken arm or leg. The parts of the bone must be lined up (reduced) and held in position long enough to permit them time to heal. This may require six or more weeks depending on the patient’s age and the fracture’s complexity. When maxillofacial fractures are complex or extensive, multiple incisions to expose the bones and a combination of wiring or plating techniques may be needed.

The repositioning technique used by our facial trauma surgeon, Dr. Simon Y. Bangiyev, depends upon the location and severity of the fracture. In the case of a break in the upper or lower jaw, for example, metal braces may be fastened to the teeth and rubber bands or wires used to hold the jaws together. Patients with few or no teeth may need dentures or specially constructed splints to align and secure the fracture. Often, patients who sustain facial fractures have other medical problems as well. Dr. Simon Y Bangiyev is trained to coordinate his treatment with that of other doctors.

What to Expect After Surgery

During the healing period when jaws are wired shut, the maxillofacial and oral surgeon prescribes a nutritional liquid or pureed diet, which will help the healing process by keeping the patient in good health. After discharge from the hospital, the doctor gives the patient instructions on continued facial and oral care.

Do not treat any facial injury lightly. If a person is unconscious, disoriented, nauseated, dizzy or otherwise incapacitated, call 911 immediately. Do not attempt to move the individual yourself. If these symptoms are not present but the injury is severe or you are uncertain about its severity, take the person to the nearest hospital emergency room as quickly as possible.

Even in the case of a moderately cut lip, the expertise of an oral surgeon is indispensable. If sutures are needed, placement must be precise to bring about the desired cosmetic result. Prevention is the best policy, avoiding injury is always best, we advocate the use of automobile seat belts, protective mouth guards and appropriate masks and helmets for everyone who participates in athletic pursuits at any level. You don’t have to play at the professional level to sustain a serious head injury. New innovations in helmet, mouth guard and face guard technology have made these devices comfortable to wear and very effective in protecting the vulnerable maxillofacial area. Make sure your family is well-protected. If you play the sport, make the following safety gear part of your standard athletic equipment.

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